What is Prana?

The life energy that keeps the body strong and alive is called prana.

The word prana is a Sanskrit word. It is called ki in Japanese, Chi in Chinese, pneuma in Greek, mana in Polynesian, and ruah in Hebrew, which means “the breath of life”.

Sources of life energy or prana:

The three main sources of pranic energy or life energy are the sun, air, and ground.  

Solar prana or solar energy is derived from sunlight. It promotes good health and energizes the entire body. One can obtain solar prana or solar energy by sunbathing for about 5 to 10 minutes or by drinking water that has been exposed to sunlight. 

Air prana is obtained from the pranic energy present in the air. While breathing air, prana is absorbed by our lungs. It is also absorbed directly by the chakras or energy centers. It is possible to obtain more air prana by slow deep and rhythmic breathing. 

Ground prana is derived from the life energy present in the earth. It is absorbed by the soles of our feet. There is an increase in the amount of ground prana absorbed by the body while walking barefoot.