Have ever thought deeply about God, life and existence?

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    Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

    Have you ever thought deeply about God, life, and existence?  Have you asked:

    Who I am? 

    Where did I come from?

    What is the purpose of my life?

    Where I will go after death?

    To answer the above questions, we must develop a certain degree of awareness of the Higher Soul and the concept of Oneness.

    This is also known as “Soul-Realization”, “Enlightenment” or “Self-Realization”. Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul has been designed for those who are interested in pursuing a deeper spiritual path. 

     Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul gives you a better understanding of your life and its unique purpose. We highly recommended this workshop for everyone. Although we may look different, have different professions and ways of life, we are all beings of light.  We are all evolving and striving to realize our true purpose and nature.

    There are different stages of soul realization from intellectual understanding that we are the soul, not the body to actual experience of oneness with God. Once the last level of Soul Realization is achieved, the practitioner can literally say, “I and my father are one.” However, reaching that stage requires years of practice, meditation, purification and character building.

    Meditations, techniques and powerful mantras that will help accelerate the Union between the Incarnated Soul and the Higher Soul will be discussed and practiced. Learn the Inner Secrets, highly advanced spiritual concepts and symbols of the Caduceus, the Silver Cords and the Blue Pearl. Experience levels of Oneness and greater soul realization.

    Learn the Inner Secrets of: 

    *The Blue Pearl, the 12th Chakra, the Medical Caduceus to Raise the Kundalini Shakti, the Silver Cords.

    Experience Peace, Calmness and Clarity in the midst of a busy and chaotic work/home environment. Learn how to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all your relationships.

    Experience “Coming Home and Being One with All”.

    Experience the unique state of Total Peace and Expansion of Consciousness and Awareness within minutes of meditation.

    Discover the Nature of Your Soul and its journey through timeless incarnations.

    Learn how your Soul chooses your parents and place of birth.

    Know the exact location of the 12th Chakra and its function.

    Experience the Inner Light and Intense Bliss of the “Blue Pearl” or the “Seed of Consciousness” within you.

    Learn the existence of energetic seeds in your auric field and how they affect your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives. These “energetic DNA recorders” contain the “blueprints” for the formation of your subtle and physical bodies.

    Increase the size of the “communication cable” between your Higher Soul and incarnated soul. This is seen in religious pictures as a shaft of light coming down to an illuminated halo. It is also depicted as the “Descent of the Holy Spirit” in Christian terminology. Experience your Soul in everyday life.

    Discover Secrets of your 3 Silver Cords, Inner Caduceus and how it is related to Safely Awakening the Kundalini Shakti.

    After the course you will be able to:

    *Realize your true nature, that you are a soul with different bodies

    *Recognize the divinity within other people

    *Create and maintain a better relationship with your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers

    * Experience calmness and stillness even in the midst of a busy and chaotic day or situation.

    *Use words of power to quickly achieve inner stillness

    *Control your mind to a certain degree

    *Experience the inner light and intense bliss of the “Blue Pearl” or the “Seed of Consciousness” within you using a powerful meditation

    *Increase the size of your spiritual cord to have a stronger connection with your higher soul

    The Higher Soul is a seed of God’s Divinity within all of us. Through the Higher Soul, we are made in the Image of God!