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 The basic principles of MCKS Pranic Healing are easy to learn and practice. We offer MCKS Basic Pranic Healing, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing and MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy courses for you to learn the science and techniques. MCKS Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul is also offered on a regular basis.

Additional courses such as Pranic Psychic Self Defense, Pranic Feng Shui, Kriyashakti and Arhatic Yoga are taught by Master Glenn Mendoza, M.D. and Master Marilag Mendoza, 2 of only 8 Master Pranic Healers in the world.

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Pranic Healing Level 1

This is the foundational course in the Pranic Healing curriculum. It is also known as Basic Pranic Healing. You will learn the 7 Steps in Pranic Healing, functions of 11 major energy centers (chakras), techniques to rapidly clean and energize these centers and the aura for improved health and well-being.  Contact us for class locations and hours

Pensacola/Gulf Breeze
March 20th-21st 
2oth hrs 6p-9p.
21st hrs  9a-6p.
Greenville, SC
June 6th-7th
Pensacola/Gulf Breeze
June 19th-20th



advanced pranic

Advanced Pranic Healing

This course will accelerate your knowledge base and success level. You will learn advanced techniques and the properties of color prana. You can rapidly and more effectively use Pranic Healing as a tool for integrated health and well-being.​  Contact us for class locations and hours

Gulf Breeze/Pensacola,FL April 25-26  9a-5p and Sun. 9a-5p
Orlando, FL June 13-14

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Meditation in Lotus Position - male silhouette seated in lotus position with a light burst behind on a purple blue energy formation background

Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul

Learn meditations, techniques and powerful mantras that help accelerate the Union between the Incarnated Soul and the Higher Soul. Learn the Inner Secrets, highly advanced spiritual concepts and symbols of the Caduceus, the Silver Cords and Blue Pearl. Experience levels of Oneness and greater soul realization. Contact us for class locations and hours

Gulf Breeze/Pensacola
TBD Sat and Sun 9a-5p

Charlotte NC TBD

Sun - 9-5



Pranic Psychotherapy Course

This course offers solutions for cravings, anxiety, stress, depression and other issues that create problems in our lives. In many cases, these energies are easily disintegrated with Pranic Healing.  More severe and long-term issues may require more healing sessions in conjunction with traditional treatments. Contact us for class locations and hours

Orlando, FL
Gulf Breeze/Pensacola, FL
TBD Friday 6p-9p and Sat. 9a-6p

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Pranic Healing Intensive

Learn Level 1 and Level 2 (Advanced Pranic Healing) 

Date: TBD




Pranic Healing Level 1 Courses at Art Of Living Retreat Center, Boone, NC

Connie Williams-Senior Instructor

Pranic Healing Level 1  April 17th-19th, 2020  (See

Pranic Healing Level 1  May 29th-31st, 2020  (See

The Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, NC

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