Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm we 
offer group meditations for the public.  We offer a healing meditation called Meditation on Twin Hearts, a meditation designed to help you experience subtle oneness with the Soul.

  Who we are? We are a group of local people who are interested in providing an avenue for people to explore their spiritual side. We offer meditations, classes, public events and an environment to learn about Energy Healing and Spirituality. Our focus is on MCKS Pranic Healing and Soul development. 

The Center for Pranic Healing and Wellness is located at 206 - B Center Street in  Gulf Breeze, Florida. We are a local 501C non profit center dedicated t
o advancing the spiritual development of the community as well as the individual.

We offer weekly meditations, healing clinics, Pranic Healing classes and advanced classes on Spirituality. We also have a local feeding program that supports 75  - 100 people weekly.


 We provide CE hours for Pranic Healing and  Advanced Pranic Healing for the  following professionals:

 Massage Therapists
  Social Workers
 Licensed Mental Health Counselors

 CE Brokers
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 If you would like to be added to our email list,  please submit your name and email address below. We will add you to our email list of upcoming events and classes.  Information collected is used solely  for emailing you  about MCKS Pranic Healing and meditation events.  Information is not shared or given out to any other groups or peoples. Please include your city and state so we  send you emails that  will apply to you locally. We teach in NC, SC, Va, Fla and Ga.

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